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We can quickly link your shared idea to a demo project and customize it to best suit your need. This way you can be excited with the final delivery.

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Digital Solutions

For Business Growth

Our digital transformation path started out as a hobby that became business solutions for ourselves, friends and colleagues. Though still driven by aesthetic passion, we have found that strategic balance to help businesses achieve their growth goals.


Purpose and creative driven designs that blends user's need.

Social Media

Connect audience, build brand, drive traffic, increase sales.


Setup smart website analytic tools for efficient marketing.


Comprehensive digital strategies for organizational grow.

Website Design

Elegance, functionality and security are key consideration in any website design project we undertake. You probably already know the importance of a website to your personal, business or organization activities. The consideration right now maybe who can deliver the concept in such a way that the anticipated benefit is maximized. At GIFTEDCare, we see the big picture which drives us to deliver value.

Motion Graphic Design

For ad campaign, product promo, logo animation, presentation, infographics and lot more.

Want to communicate uniquely! Motion graphic animated video is the way to go. Survey shows “consumers consider brand video the way for marketers to share information as it creates true engagement and builds brand loyalty.” Animated video cost less, yet the return from such video can be overwhelming.


Business growth via search engines, social media, online ads, emails and more.

Do you want more lead, more sales? Then you are in the right place. Strategising on cost-effective digital marketing with guaranteed result is where our focus is. With cost effective digital marketing, your brand will stand out, sales will increase, your list will grow. And then, marketing cost will decline.

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